Yesterday when we headed into a new location for us at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens to do a couples shoot

for some clients, so we thought we would update our family photos while we were there.

It was such a fun afternoon with the kids as they loved walking around having a look at everything.

When we were doing our photos we set the camera up on the tripod and got the trigger out.

We let the kids have a play with the trigger and it was the funniest thing when our 5 yr old son Kyden

 got  hold of the trigger and started to take photos of Stew and myself (Emma).

Every time Kyden took a photo he would sing out ” oh thats beautiful” or “oh perfect” and the proceeded to say

“oh mum these look amazing” hahaha.  I think we may have a little photographer on our hands.

As much as our kids hate us been away from them sometimes they love when we go and do

things like this where they get to be the photographers.