Welcome to the wedding of Ella & Lloyd.

They say Rain on your wedding day is good luck, well these guys have plenty of good luck it this is true.

The of their wedding was a severe weather event with 200mm of rain in one day and this was planned to be an outside ceremony.

Luckily they had a wet weather option and because they chose a spectacular venue like Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast it was an easy solution on the day.

The ceremony was located in the resort foyer instead of the Pandanus lawn however we still managed to capture some images there in between the rain.

The bride and groom still wanted beach photos so they all braved it and made the walk to the beach and even dropped the umbrellas for a few pics.

We work in the rain a lot but this day was more difficult as there barely a break in the rain and it was extremely cold.

After all this the wedding was still amazing and the day went without a problem, the spirits stayed high and it was a lot of fun.

We would like to wish Ella & Lloyd al the best in the future and would like to thank you for choosing SEP photography to capture your special day.