Welcome to the wedding of Elisha & Matthew.

We always love a challenge and when we were on our way to Elisha & Matthews wedding the skies were very dark.

We knew at some stage there would be rain and thats usually when panic stations kick in and people run for cover…..Not this time.

During the ceremony the skies got even darker and we knew it wouldn’t be long before we had rain, so we got cracking and managed to get group photos and family photos done before the rain came down.

This is when we spoke the the newlyweds and we decided that its nothing an umbrella and some courage won’t fix and i am so glad we made the decision.

Out the front of Sacred heart church in Sandgate was the perfect backdrop for rainy photos.

We soon headed to shorncliffe to try our luck by the waterside, luckily we had a relatively rain free afternoon with just patches of rain.

In all we had a great time and we are really pleased to show just how rain doesn’t need to affect your big day, embrace the rain and the dark moody shots that aren’t traditional for weddings just can work.

The day ended at the Tavernetta function centre at Carseldine where we honestly pigged out on italian food and nearly couldn’t finish the evening without a nap haha.

We would like to wish Elisha & Matt all the best in the future and thank you for choosing SEP Photography to capture your special day.