Welcome to the Wedding of Hayley & Rawiri (aka Dave, Ra, Squirty & Shorty)

Rawiri may have a lot of nick names but he only has one true love and that is Hayley,

and it really showed on their wedding day.  This wedding was full of emotion and love, we photograph

a lot of weddings and every wedding is so unique and this wedding was no exception.

Rawiri is New Zealand born and bred and his family is very rich with New Zealand culture.

They are a very loving fun bunch and when you mix them with Hayleys family they are a great group of people.

The day started at Tranquil Park Mountain Resort at Maleny where the boys were getting ready.

The view from that place is beautiful with a view to die for. The girls chose a holiday house called Rainbows end to get ready.

Maleny always delivers when it comes to picturesque views and stunning locations

and Rainbows end was nothing short of spectacular.  After Nieta finished the girls hair and Martina

from Backstage beauty finished making the girls look amazing it was time to get this pair Married.


Russell park at Montville was where the ceremony was to be held, The huge deck and walk

way were set up perfectly with Rawiri writing some messages for Hayley to walk down to.

The ceremony was a perfect celebration of the bringing together of these 2 families, it was very

traditional to the New Zealand heritage and was a pleasure to be a part of.

The Rain held of until literally the last minute!! we just clicked the last group shot and

then there was a race to the car park.

First stop was the very popular one tree hill at Maleny, we love this location but this day

it was cut extremely short. After only 10 minutes the rain came down again and luckily

we made it back to the cars just in time.

Second location was slightly sheltered from rain under tall trees but rain still came through,

the had 2 attempts at this location of shooting in between small breaks in the rain

and we managed to get some really good shots.  Persistence paid off in the end and after getting

soaked and freezing cold we got nearly every shot we wanted and all in less than 40 minutes all up.

Tranquil Park was also the venue for the reception with the long wall of glass delivering

jaw dropping views and a huge reception room to fit all the guests.  The reception was smooth and food

was absolutely delicious, we could not believe our eyes with the size of the spread they put on.

We would like to thank Hayley and Rawiri for allowing us to be a part of their day and wish them all the best in the future.