Welcome to the Wedding of Kym & James.

We have had the privilege of knowing this lovely couple for many years. Over the years we have had shared so many great memories together and this was one we will always remember.

Kym & James decided to have a surprise wedding at their engagement party. We have been involved in a few of these and love the look on peoples faces when they realise whats happening.

January is typically a hot month but after a lot of rain this day was particularly humid, to the point our lenses were fogging up with condensation. Poor James and his best man Rhys had to tough it out with prep photos as we were all sweating.

By the time we made it to Kym the weather was looking bad and the slight gap in rain we had gave us hope but was soon realised we were in for more rain.

Being with Kym’s family before she left was a fantastic experience as her Dad could not have been prouder.  Also proud was their family long friend Rolly who just had to drive Kym on her big day in his immaculate EH Holden.

Arriving to the Engagement Party (wedding) the rain had hit and we were greeted by over 100 people huddled under cover and moving the ceremony location inside the perfectly decorated Marquee.

This did not dampen spirits and to be honest it just added to the day as everyone got cosy around the dance floor and witnessed Kym & James become Man & Wife.

Before we headed to do portraits we took some time to capture some images of their little family. They have the most beautiful little boy Patrick (patty cake) who always smiles for the camera.

James’ family have a great property we always get to use for photos so this was also set to be the perfect location all their photos. By the time we arrived the rain was still sprinkling and light was falling quickly.

We managed about 10 ins of photos before the rain got heavier and light was basically gone, from there we made way to the barn and set up for some photos. The farm truck was ideal to get some images with but with 1 small issue!! getting on the tray.

Not to worry James soon got the forklift and got everyone on the tray without dirtying the dress. This was definitely something we have not had to do at a wedding before lol.

We managed to capture some unique images and by this time the rain was very heavy and we were on a hill with a lightning show around us, thats when we decided to get back for dinner.

Everyone was happy to see the bride and groom arrive as it was soon dinner time, this was also perfect time for a quick dress change for the boys into something a little more comfortable as it was extremely hot and certainly not suit weather.

The rest of the night was perfection and was thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of.

We would like to wish Kym & James all the best in the future and thank you for choosing SEP photography to capture your day.