We are truly blessed to be a part of every wedding, but there is something unique about Fraser Island that we really love.

As soon as Nicolle & Kyle chose SEP, we were instantly excited.



4am start and hit the road by 5am.

We would be lying if we said that we weren’t just a little worried about the weather as it had been constant showers all the way to Hervey Bay.

By the time we got on the barge the winds had picked up and things weren’t looking too good.

However by lunchtime the sun was shining and the wind was gone… the magic of a wedding day!

With such perfect weather the wedding was able to take place on the beach looking back toward the mainland.

Under the cover of tall trees, soft sand, cool breeze and rolling waves the backdrop was simply breathtaking!

Fraser Island has so many options available when shooting (photography) and we managed to utilize beautiful locations including Beach, Rainforest and the Pier.

We allowed plenty of time for portraits and even had time to stop for a refreshment break on the pier just before a sun shower come through; breathtaking.

This made for some perfect photos under an umbrella in the rain, we never thought we would be lucky enough to capture sunshine rain and such a beautiful sunset all in one day.




The reception took place and Kingfisher Bay Resort … picture perfect (no pun) and the staff are amazing!

By the time we headed back to the reception the entrees were ready to go and the drinks were flowing.

The reception at this wedding just seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye, before we knew it we had captured everything and it was time for a well deserved rest.


We wish Nicolle and Kyle all the best in their future ahead and Thank You for choosing SEP Photography.